So you want a website? Well it is no as easy as you would think. Even with template based services there is still a healthy amount of work to be done.

A Brief Summary

You are going to need a brief summary about your company. This may include who you are, why people should work with you, how good you are, and how your services can/will be used.

Describe the Product

Describe the product or service you are providing. What is it? What does it do? How is it beneficial? It’s pretty self explanatory but a lot of people get this wrong. Using vague statements or just throwing something up on a website just isn’t enough. You need to elaborate on what it is made of, where it’s from, and maybe even a little bit about the process.


You may also consider having someone else write out all this information for you. If you are comfortable with doing it yourself, more power to you. But have someone look it over – preferably a professional. Using keywords and key phrases will not only keep your audience paying attention it can also drive more traffic to your website. Consider looking into Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Logos and Photos

This ties in really well with your websites image. Lets say you want a floral website but you are using low quality pictures from google. Not only is that cutting corners but it is also ugly and cheap. Consider staging your products and taking pictures with your phone is brilliant lighting. They’re many DIY product photography kits out there. Search for it or check out Product Photography on Amazon.

A logo is pretty important because it sets the color palette for your website. Not only that it’s going to be on the forefront of everything you produce. I personally like to have three variations of the finished logo. I like to have my main logo, my subsidiary logo, and my favicon. I can go on and on about logos – SPOILER ALERT! I’m not.


Responsiveness, Blog, eCommerce, Social Media, and pizza! With these powers combined! (In case you were wondering it’s pineapple pizza).

  1. Responsiveness: Means that your website will respond to the users behavior. No it won’t make the Cowboys any better but it will adjust to your current screen size.
  2. Blog: Maybe you want a page dedicated tips and tutorials. You can update your audience with news about you or your latest product developments.
  3. Social Media: Make it a priority to link all you social media accounts to your website. So when you update something on your website it will be noticed all through your social media accounts.
  4. Pizza: Fucking amazing!


Do you want a bright website, a muted website, one color, two color? This can be daunting but I’m finding it to be a good practice right now to use Adobe Kuler. I upload a picture I like and use its color palette. Another method I use is going toLogo Pond and sampling a color palette from there.


You must think about what kind of typefaces you would like to include within the website. You can use the ever so popular Dafont to check out the style you would like. But for Web and SEO purposes I would suggest using Google Fonts or using Adobe’s Typekit.


Consider how much you can afford to spend on a website. On top of just having a pretty website there are many more factors that go into it. For example; a working shopping cart, web hosting, setting up your email, etc.


Nothing annoys me more than a projects without a dead

line. For me, if there is no deadline then nothing is getting done. I’ll end up doing something else, like, building IKEA furniture. So if you do not have a deadline then request that the designer set a deadline if He/She/They did not provide one. It can be a soft deadline, it can be a meeting, it can be a finished deadline, etc. The point is stay in touch with the person(s) trying to bring your vision to light.

Thank you so much reading!

p.s. I put sugar in my grits. And if you don’t like that then I got two words for ya!