We love Football right? We at-least know what a sport is?

I am a huge fan of Football fan. I am one of those losers who participate, no, live for fantasy football. This sport has been apart of my life ever since I was a kid. I grew up playing the video games, singing along to the Monday Night Football song(who needs to sleep for school?), and I played football with the kids in my neighborhood. But with all this love and history of the game I am met with a dilemma.

My favorite football team is the Washington Redskins. They have been my team ever since I knew what a football was, ever since I knew how to operate a T.V, ever since I knew that The Cowboys were the worst! But there has been heat about the name, it’s suspected that the term Redskin is racist. Which is fine, if it is fine, if it isn’t – whatever. But this brings up a much more interesting questions for me. What would the new name be if it were to change? How much would it cost? What is even involved in branding a professional football team?

It’s the Connection

See sports teams have a direct connection to its fans. Not customers, actual people who pour emotion into their sport teams. The people who hold parties and casual get togethers at with each other and the share ups and downs of whatever team they’re rooting for. For a lot of people it means that for 2 hours they get to be apart of something bigger than themselves. A teams brand is everything to the people, the city, and to the world. Go out one Sunday to a bar (bring a valid ID), order some hot wings and rum and just take in the atmosphere of football Sunday.

An Example

The New York Giants have gone through a logo change since I’ve been watching football. The logo on the left is the logo the  New York giants used previous to the one being utilized today. In my professional opinion the being used today has a smaller footprint than the logo that was perilously used. Simply because they’re using less letters.

Brand Recognition

A footballs teams logo will be seen in many places! The stadiums field, t-shirts, helmets, jerseys, etc. It usually doesn’t stop there, team brands are house-held names. You are going to see calendars, beer-cosies, caps, stickers, etc. It will be everywhere which is why there has to be a great connection with the fans in order for a rebrand to work.

What Should not be Done

  1. Crowd Source – This would be a bad idea for rebranding a national football team. Enlisting a design service of this magnitude means thousands of people will be working for free. Even if the winner gets 5 bucks that means the other people will be getting nothing out of it. On top of that they’ll most likely be shit logos some poor soul has to sift through.
  2. Think Small – Logos are designed to last forever, they are designed to be timeless and they are designed to make sense to the brand it it’s audience.
  3. Rush the Process – Rebranding a team or anything else shouldn’t be rushed. It is a business decision and should not be put into fruition based on feelings and quick judgement,t especially with football. It should be a careful process to ensure that it isn’t racist, offensive, or absolutely fucking stupid. I’m looking at you GAP. Remember when The GAP changed their logo for 3 seconds? Me either, they turned that around real quick!


Long story short, it would cost The Redskins more in legal fees that it would to rebrand. It would cost roughly 5 Million to rebrand The Redskins, considering that The Redskins are worth $1700 Million they should be fine. Court cost will trump the cost of rebranding with a patent and trademark attorney costing $300 /hr, and thats on the low end.

Socially Aware

At the end of the day it isn’t about revenue and shiny things. It is about how a brand/team is perceived by the nation and even the world. Lets be honest would you want to be known as a racist xenophobe who has never changed with the times? Me either, and I would not want my favorite brands to either.


Alternatives Team Names

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