I am Sterling Browne and I am a passionate Graphic Designer & Animator with several years of experience, from concept to development I like to be there every step of the way. I am a branding, animation and food lover.

I am based in Washington D.C. and I currently freelance.

Why Sterling Designs?

Providing an experience for your brand is what we do. We want to invest our time into you and your ideas.  You will save time and you will enjoy the process. We work with many non-profits like Table for Two and Higher Orbits, providing collateral to promote their initiatives and ideals as well.

Sterling Designs

Is the right choice for you!

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Latest Projects

What Are One Time Charges?

I am creating artwork for you that you can reuse time and time again. You will only have to pay for the design once as long as there are no revisions after the final proof.

What Are The Required Elements?

I will guide you through the process of what you need to provide. This will help the project move faster and smoother. It saves everyone time and money by getting as much information possible about the project before starting the design. If this is a new project it is advisable that I provide you with a mockup (also known as a prototype) of the project. The visual helps keep everyone on the same page!

What Are Authors Alterations? (AA)

AA’s or Authors Alterations need to be discussed before the design process starts. This conversation will explain the design process and the fast that all Authors Alterations will incur additional fees. This is an example, “We are going to take all of the text, pictures, and layout idea which you have given us and create your final design. Once we give you the proof, if there are some minor design changes, they will be included in the quoted price. These are called AA’s and will be billed on an hourly basis.” This will help the project move forward and save people time and money.

What Is Proofing?

When I believe that the product has been completed, what you will first see is a proof. This is not for the purpose of redesign; it’s for errors and omissions. I will always work towards getting to the final product approval. You must carefully inspect the proof and mark any errors and omissions. Once you have approved the proof it will be sent into it’s final stage, production.

My Clients

In order to amount to any amount of success I like to pair myself with respectable organizations that compliment my interest/ideologies.