I thought this would be a great list because in more ways than one everyone has felt the affects of a Rockstar game! I mean Grand Theft Auto is a house hold name right now. And for those of you who know exactly what I’m talking about I’m sure images of explosions, rocket launchers, and hookers are filling your brains right now.

A special note: I just applied for their Graphic Designer position, so I am especially excited to write about my favorite Rockstar Games!

State of Emergency

This game came out in 2003 and I played it on the Ps2. The gameplay and feel is much like dead rising but instead of beating up zombies you can beat the shit out of scores and scores of people. You of course get penalized for civilians kills but they’re PLENTY of goons and robots to destroy! But things change when ever you get ahold of a mini-gun, classic Rockstar. The point of the game is to complete as many objectives as possible within the time limit. You kill goons, security guards,and smash windows to reach the completion score. This game is very gory and a lot of fun.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

THIS is the game that introduced me to bullet time and the satisfaction of head-shots! Thank you Max Payne you pill addicted socio path. Max Payne is cop whose family was murdered, he falls into a depression and then a killing spree looking for his familys killers. He has a love interest called Mona and their relationship is much like Batman and Catwomen, with the grit and everything. The game has this comic style way of telling the story. The music and sounds will keep you emerged in its gothic style environments. If you’re not perma-locked in bullet-time you’re in another freaky hallucination he’s having.

Red Dead Redemption

This is an open-world western action-adventure game that came out in 2010. You play as John Marston, a former mercenary trying to be good and start working with the cops. You travel by horse, train, caravan, or on foot while you do shit. You can explore this world at your leisure. Theres gun slinging gameplay and BULLE-TIME! Holy shit there’s so much bullet-time, it’s called dead-eye in this game. Imagine that you’re on horseback, there are five guys chasing you on horse back and a rabbit running around. You friggin take out your pistol and move your curser over a body part. Once it is marked by a red X you shoot. Fuck, and don’t get me started on the Undead Nightmare DLC…Zombies, bullet-time, shot-guns.


Grand Theft Auto V easily combines everything that you love about Grand Theft Auto and adds even more aspects that fit right into the game. Where do I even begin? In the main story you play as three characters: Michael De Santana; a retired criminal with a dysfunctional family; his friend Trevor Phillips, a crazy ass berserker of a human being, and Franklin Clinton, he’s just trying to make it out of the hood GTA style. They all team up to do this big ass heist, which set the stage for GTA ONLINE! You can create a character and just roam the world as your avatar. You can go on missions with other people online, buy tanks to troll people, get planes and sky-dive. It’s amazing and it’s huge! To make it even better you can go on heist with other people just like the main game and score huge amounts of money for buying faster cars and bigger guns. This is on the top of my list because I have been playing this game for years and it’s brand new every time I play it.

Honorable Mentions

Midnight Club

I’m not huge on racing games but this is a beautiful game series. If you know racing games you know Midnight Club there’s no way around it.

All Other GTA Games

Like, how do you go from a 16px game to a open-world fucking goliath?! Marvel at what is the Grand Theft Auto Franchise!

Hey thanks for reading! Go eat a dozen donuts, you deserve it!