I was on the phone with the recruiter for the Mercatus Center and she basically told me to ‘git gud’. I didn’t know much about this place going into it so I decided to comb through their website and break it down for myself. So here I am writing something in the dead of night still trembling with excitement from The Walking Dead. Enough of that story, here are the facts.


They’re a research center founded in 1980 that help their grad students implement their ideas into the real world. Long story short they are group of smart lads and ladettes who fight the power! Tyler Cowen is currently the Rick of this school. He’s written a shit ton of books, he has a blog that was featured in Times ‘Top Financial Blogs’ (2011) and The Wall Street Journals ‘Top Economic Blogs’ 2010. He also has a few TED Talks that I’m listening to right meow. Uh yeah…They have big ideas and want to solve real-world issues.


So they provide expert commentary on the issues of today using economic analysis. Lately they’ve touched on issues like the FDA’s budget and how the government iskeeping the little man down.


They do radio! They’re latest radio session was about the presidential candidates. They also have a podcasts and a library of videos.


They have a plethora of graduate student programs. Like…a healthy amount – a PhD Fellowship Program, Dissertation Fellowship Program, etc. Like I’ve mentioned before these graduate students are trained to implement their ideas to solve real-world problems and those are only a few of the steps taken to achieve that goal.


he Mercatus Center has a series of publications ranging from budgeting to the FDA’s Human Drugs Program. You think the FDA would be a group of very happy…VERY HAPPY and fed association. Nope, they keep us from drinking dirt instead. They’re latest publication Biennial Budgeting: A Look at Intents vs. Potential Outcomes expresses the frustration over federal budget gridlock that is fueling renewed interest in reforming the congressional budget process.

Research Areas

They also have a wide assortment of research areas. Way more than most ice cream shops have flavors. What would tech policy taste like on a health care cone?


They have a series of initiatives they are tackling at the moment. Enterprise Africa is an initiative to discover and spread knowledge about poverty and institutions that enable entrepreneurs.


There are a quite a few events coming up. They’re holding a presentation at their Capital Heights campus on March 15th, 2016 12pm – 1pm. Two weeks after that there will be a book launch at the Mercatus Center on March 31st, 2016 5pm – 7pm.

So yeah that’s my little bit on the Mercatus Center | George Mason University.

If you had the first slice of pizza, don’t eat the last slice of pizza. Later!