We have come into contact with someone asking for help. We have all come into contact with beggars/homeless people. But they’re more thank people, they’re also U.S. citizens, veterans, mothers and children. How we view and treat these people can change. How we help and communicate with these people can be better.

I walk the streets of D.C. everyday. It’s beautiful  city filled with shops, attractive people, and brilliant monuments. But if you look closely you’ll see people sleeping under those monuments. You’ll see people with cardboard signs, legs crossed in front of the metro.

They’re dozens of ways to help the homeless but if you’re like me you can probably only bring yourself to do a couple. Because you know; there’s so much Netflix and chilling to do.

Donate Money

It is one of the easiest ways to directly impact the homeless. Donating to nonprofit organizations do go a long way.

Here are some shelters in the D.C. area:

  1. The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness 
  2. Prince Georges House Phone: (301) 808-5317

You can use Just Give to find shelters near you.

Call Emergency Services

The weather can get very serious and extremely dangerous. If you spot someone out on the street there are organizations you can contact to get them of the street.

From what I can find MESH is the place if you want to get homeless people out of the cold.

Volunteer at a Shelter

Shelters thrive on the will of the people who volunteer there. These shelters keep people out of bad weather, keep them safe and help them move forward. They’re shelters for battered women as well. Women who do not want to be found by there abuser and do not have the resources to thrive on their own. But if that is too much there are always soup kitchens, I personally love to feed people.

I personally like SOME (So Others Might Eat). They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. I absolutely love breakfast this is right down my alley.

Create Jobs

I could not end this post without throwing in something challenging. But coming up in the professional world I was stuck thinking, “how can I get experience if no one will give it me?”. I can not speak for everyone but I believe that is what most homeless may think. So if you want to be that saving grace and give someone a chance you will be doing something  simply amazing. I myself am considering doing this once i start my company. I would not taking someone under my wing and helping them find what they like while giving them experience. I wish it were something I wished happened to more people.

But like I said there are dozens of ways to help, these are just a few I would consider. I know what it is like bouncing around from place to place being at the mercy to the unknown. I know whats its like to lose everything and be left alone. If I can relieve at least one person from there personal hell I would consider that a success.

I think it would dope as hell if I set up a little acoustic stage to help the homeless. I would do blues songs or something and I would name myself…Flipcup.

Sleep an extra fifteen minutes, you deserve it.