Sterling Browne

Founder and CEO of Sterling Designs, LLC

My name is Sterling Browne and I am the founder and CEO of Sterling Designs, LLC. I am a designer with over six years of professional graphic design experience. I have managed both web and print projects whilst meeting tight deadlines. I can properly and intelligently greet customers with a smile on the phone and in person. I also posses great communication skills. Alongside of that I can perform a various amount of task at the same time.

“The sum is greater than the whole of its parts.”


I am fast, creative and efficient. I use a number of frame works (ie. Bootstrap, MAMP and WordPress) to design and develop responsive web projects. I like to use Adobe Animate CC for web banners and graphic videos. On top of that I enjoy using Adobe After Effects for logo animations and character rigging. I also have supreme experience with Microsoft Office. I am especially proficient with Adobe CC 2015 with an emphasis on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate and In Design. I have a traditional background in print design and branding as well.

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