We have all come to a job posting/board that stated that you need a certain number of years of experience to even be qualified for the position. Yeah it’s pretty daunting and little but of a downer but when you think about David and Goliath, Plessy vs Ferguson, and the Skins making it to the playoffs – it isn’t all that bad. I honestly believe that those years are placed there to scare people away. Be confident and apply anyway.

You Better Humble yourself

If you really need/want the experience you have to just go get it. You can’t wait around and wait for someone to give you permission to work. If you are bad at something practice, if you are good at something practice. Employers would rather see you working with little/ no experience – than see you stagnant.


Consider volunteering, yeah I know no one wants to work for free but this is an excellent way to build references and skills relative to your field. It will prove that you love what you do, you’re a team player, and that you are working. From my experience I get free stuff for volunteering, like events, shows and food! In other words I get an opportunity to present myself to more people and talk about who I am and what I do. I have found a bunch of opportunities using Volunteer Match. This is a great place to practice extra skills.


Are you looking to be a manager, cook, or a designer like myself? Well, you have to do those things everyday. When I’m not working on a project I’m learning code viaCodecademy or I’m checking out tutorials on Youtube. They’re certifications out there and there is Lynda.com. There you can find tutorials from time management to motion graphics. You can also earn certifications using EdX and Alison. These are great resources to use if you are looking to advance in your field.

Work For Yourself

No one is going to GIVE you experience. You have to earn it yourself and there is no way around that. So why not earn your own money while tastefully in your pajamas. Maybe you will start that fortune 500 company, maybe not – but it’s worth a try. You may end up learning a lot just from trying. Writing contracts, hiring people, and working with vendors is all great exposure for any individual. Again you cannot just sit around and wait, no one likes that.

Well thanks for reading! Hey do you think people will start selling fruit infused water? Not like Smartwater or whatever – but legit chunks of fruit in bottles of water.